Where did Oosh come from? 

Every day, twice a day for as long as we can remember we have cleaned our teeth with toothpaste. It’s got to be one of the most boring, repetitive but kind of essential tasks we do. A bit like filling the car up with petrol or going to work! But because no-one wants bad breath or rotten teeth, we do it. 

And that got us to thinking – what do we really want from a toothpaste? We know there are lots of brands out there offering all sorts of gimmicks, they are all a bit meh. So we asked loads of people what they really want toothpaste to do. 


This is basically what they told us: 

- Clean teeth [maybe even whiten] – yep  

- Freshen breath – check 

- Keep our teeth and mouth healthy – naturally 

- Vegan-friendly – got to be 

- Recyclable – non-negotiable  

- Taste good, and by ‘good’ we mean good – of course 

And that’s where we came up with the idea for Oosh. A super minty toothpaste that does everything you want a toothpaste to do, but actually tastes good.  

Sounds simple right? But it actually took a bit of work. Too much mint and your mouth just waters too much and washes the flavour away. Too little and you don’t get that Oosh-feeling.  

What we have ended up with is probably the world’s mintiest toothpaste. And not only that, Oosh whitens teeth, protects your mouth and is kind to the environment. What’s not to like about that?  

But we aren’t stopping there. We have lots of new and exciting oral care products in development. If it goes in your mouth, we are going to Ooshify it. So watch this space!